This year there will be eight rounds in total with the final round as a presentation round. To be eligible for prizes, the runner must have “paid up” and completed FOUR rounds from the first seven.  If more than four rounds are completed, then the best four will count.  Final placings are found by adding your four best finishing positions within your category.  In the case of ties, the award goes to the best place in the last or latest round. This year it will be the best four rounds from the first seven with the eighth round being a presentation round only.

Prizes are only awarded by age categories and gender. The number of awards depends on the number of entrants.  As a general rule, a 1st  overall requires a minimum of 3 entrants, a 2nd overall 5 entrants, and a 3rd overall 6 entrants.

For young athletes, there will be at least a first prize in each category irrespective of the number of entrants.

For Seniors, if there are too few entrants in any category for prizes to be awarded, the category will collapse into the younger category, e.g. F60+ will compete as F50+

Minimum age for Young Athletes is 8 years.

Despite “Birthdays”, your category remains the one, correctly recorded, on the day of the first round.

The “team” competitions, (Male and Female for Seniors), will be decided on the basis of overall finishing positions of the first three club runners per round for the BEST FIVE rounds added together.  There will be a trophy for the first team, (and should that not be one of the organising clubs, an additional team trophy for the first “organising club” team).  A Young Athletes team prize will be awarded in the same way.

Every senior runner gets “two” finishing positions: overall and category.  There are additional prizes (irrespective of category) for first overall male and female and first overall male and female from the organising clubs.  Winners are restricted to a maximum of TWO awards, one of which is their category prize.

All rounds start at 11.30 am (Young Athletes) and 12 noon (Seniors, Vets) on Sundays. Registration from 10.30am (Rounds 1 & 2), 11.00am (Rounds 3 –6).

Also. Please note:

Numbers MUST be worn on the front and be visible. If original number is lost then a replacement must be visible and legible.

Marshals instructions MUST be obeyed at all times.

Timekeepers are busy. DO NOT attempt to interupt them while they are working. Results will be published on the internet as soon as possible.